How to Fix Blogger’s New Comment Bug Not Appearing

Blogger New Comment Bug Fixed – Google has unofficially updated the blogger comment column on April 19, 2022. There has been no official notification of the update.

The results of the blogger comment form update can be seen at the bottom of the input area. Where all comments are currently protected by reCaptcha even though we don’t activate it in blogger settings.

This is most likely to prevent spamming that often occurs through blogger comments.

New Blogger Comment Bug Not Appearing

Not much I can discuss about the update. but I want to focus on the issue or bug that occurred after the blogger comment update.

It is definitely not clear when Google started implementing comment updates on the blogger platform, I personally realized that there was a new comment bug that didn’t appear on April 25, 2022.

My search results after googling for a few days, finally found that this issue had been asked by an account called ilkay on April 19, 2022 on the official Blogger Community website as below.

How to Fix Blogger's New Comment Bug Not Appearing

The issue that occurs is the same, namely the newly posted comment does not appear, not because it failed to post a comment, but the newly added comment does not appear in the embed comment list.

The question posed on the blogger community forum was finally responded to by a google employee account with the name Yasuaki Takebe 7 days later or on April 28, 2022.

How to Fix Blogger's New Comment Bug Not Appearing

How to Fix Blogger’s New Comment Bug Not Appearing

Based on those answers, here’s how to fix blogger comments not showing after update.

  1. Please enter your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Then select then TemaEdit HTML
  3. Please CTRL + F and look for the following code :
    (c =& gt ; not c.inReplyTo)
  4. If you have found it then delete it and replace it with the following code :
    (c =& gt ; not c.inReplyTo or c.inReplyTo == 0 )
  5. Save and see the result


This bug that occurs in blogger comments occurs in several templates that use custom comments. If your template doesn’t experience the same error, don’t change the code I wrote above. Or if the method I wrote did not succeed in overcoming the Bug Error comments on your template, you should ask the developer of the template you are using.

That’s a short tutorial on blog tips how to fix the latest blogger comments. Hopefully it can be useful for all blogger friends.

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