How to Create a Blog on Mobile for Free and Make Money

Hello aspiring bloggers! How to Create a Blog on Mobile for Free and Make Money, On this occasion I will share a little experience on how to create a blog on a cellphone using, this tutorial is very easy for beginners. Not only making, but I will also share a few ways to make money from a blog with a cellphone.

How to make a blogspot via cellphone is very easy, even someone who doesn’t understand coding can make it. With the help of blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress, it only takes a few minutes for us to create one.

With this platform, you can create a blog quickly.

Before that I emphasize here I will only discuss how to create a blog on a cellphone using the platform, not others. is a site for creating free blogs.

If you want to request to create a blog using another platform such as WordPress or others, you can request it by commenting.

Before going to the tutorial on how to create a blog on a cellphone and make money, here I will explain a little about what a blog is.

What is a Blog?

Blog is a website that contains informational articles in the form of writing that can be equipped with media such as photos, videos, links, advertisements and so on.

A blog usually updates content or articles on a regular basis. Some are managed personally and some are managed by several professional blog article writers.

The types of blogs are also divided into several types, including the following:

Personal Blog

Usually the articles published are only daily stories from personal experiences such as vacation stories, experiences at school or college, stories with family, to love stories.

Professional Blog

Unlike personal blogs, professional blogs have few specific rules in the content they publish. His content can promote himself that he is an expert in a certain field, for example a professional in the SEO field.

If the person is a professional in the field of SEO then the content must be related to web optimization in search engines. For example, discussing content on how to make articles that Google likes, optimizing website speed, recommending blog templates that Google Adsense likes and much more.

Business Blog

Blogs are not only for personal matters, but blogs can also be used to market a brand, product, store, strategic location, or even a company.

By utilizing blogs as marketing content, you can attract visitors to become potential buyers. For example, your friend has cheap SEO services, now you can create content about SEO which is then inserted or ended with promotional writings for cheap SEO services.

The Purpose of Creating a Blog

The purpose of people creating blogs is to share written works such as important information in the form of news, guides or tutorials, travel stories, personal stories and many other reasons why someone makes a blog.

Apart from being a means of information and publication media, another reason someone makes a blog is to make money from the internet.

Yes, a blogger can use his blog to build branding or brand awareness , make money from various sources (I’ll tell you where the source is later).

Can’t wait how to create a blog on an Android phone or iPhone? Without further ado, let’s just get started with the tutorial.

How to become a blogger via cellphone

So, blogging via cellphone can be done by everyone. In this era of citizen journalism, anyone can become a writer without the need to join the media.

Smartphone technology is now sophisticated, we can do many things like we do on a computer.

Maybe you are also thinking whether you can become a blogger using a cellphone? Of course it is possible, many of my friends who started blogging only had their cellphones.

Tools and Applications needed to blog via cellphone:

  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Browser Application
  • Canva Apps
  • Photo Editor
  • Eraser Background
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Drive

Maybe that’s the only application that is needed, this is according to my experience when writing blog articles via cellphone. Well, now let’s move on to a guide on how to create a blog on a cellphone.

How to Create a Free Blog on Smartphone with Blogger

How to make a blog on a cellphone is very easy without additional applications. Just use the browser available on the cellphone.

What is needed to create a blog on blogger is a Gmail (Google) account to login to Of course, because this blogger product belongs to Google, so we must have a Google account. Later we will create a blogger account using a Google account.

Okay, so now we just start the steps how to create a blog on blogger below:

  1. First open the Chrome browser , then visit .
  2. When you visit for the first time, the blogger home page will appear as shown below, please press the CREATE BLOG or SIGN IN button .
  1. After that you will be directed to login using a Google account . The process is the same as logging into email via a browser.
  1. If you are successful in logging in, you will immediately go to the Blogger Dashboard page .
  2. Continue the process of creating a blog. Press the stripe icon 3 then select Create Blog .
  1. A pop up will appear to fill in the blog data.
    Choose a name for your blog : Enter the blog name you want. NEXT
    Choose a URL for your blog : Fill in the blog address you want, while it’s still available.

    If it is available and you feel it fits the name and URL, just press SAVE .
  2. Up to this stage creating a personal blog is ready! The appearance or theme of the blog is selected by default by Blogger. If you want to try changing templates later, you can read this article > how to change blog templates .
  3. Continue yes, now try to see the blog. The trick is to press the strip icon 3, then select View Blog .

Get to know the Menu – Menu on Blogger

After the process of creating a blog, beginner bloggers also need to know the menu functions on blogger, so you need to read them to make it easier to take advantage of the features available in blogger.

Oh yes, the menu settings on the dashboard of my blog are in English, but the menu order is the same, so you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. New Post = This button is used to create a new article.
  2. Post = To view all posts, be it published articles or drafts.
  3. Stats = In this menu you can see blog visit statistics, post and page statistics.
  4. Comments = This menu is for viewing comments from visitors, comments that have been approved and are waiting for moderation will appear.
  5. Earnings = Menu for registering a blog to Adsense (this menu will appear if your blog is eligible to partner with Adsense).
  6. Pages = Almost the same as the posts menu, but not visible on the blog homepage.
  7. Layout = In this menu you can adjust the layout of the blog. Layout I mean here is to add and adjust the position of the widget.
  8. Theme = To set the blogger theme , more precisely to edit the appearance of the blog.
  9. Settings = Menu to manage all information about the blog. The contents of the settings are basic blog settings, email settings, after language and formatting, browsing preferences and other settings.
  10. Reading List = If this menu makes a reading list from the blogs that you follow. For example, if you follow my blog, the articles I publish will appear there.

Briefly introduce the menu in blogger, it will be very long if explained in detail, maybe in the next article I will explain in more detail.

Okay, now on to another important thing after creating, namely filling blog content by writing articles.

How to Create Articles on Blogger Via Smartphone

  1. First press the strip icon 3 then select + NEW POSTS .
  2. Decide what topic you want to write about, for example, I write an arbitrary article.
  3. Fill in the title of the article ” This is an example of an article “. And a little writing on the contents of the article ” Hello word… blah blah blah “.
  4. When we are ready to post a post on our blog, we select Publish, the button is in the upper right corner, then press CONFIRM .
  5. View the results of articles that have been published. See the Blog then READ MORE in the post to see the full article.

How to Make Money from Smartphone Capital Blog

In this online era, many people already know how to make money online, one of which is from a blog.

Have you ever heard or read articles of a blogger who can get money from blogs up to hundreds of millions per month.

One of the bloggers with a high income is Mas Sugeng , who can generate 1 billion from the sale of homemade blogger templates. That’s only from the source of selling templates, not from other income.

Yes, professional bloggers can definitely reach hundreds of millions of income easily. Maybe you are wondering where the income can be that high? Curious!

Experienced bloggers will always have a way to make money, not just from one source.

One of the most common sources of income for bloggers is Google Adsense.

Make Money from Blog with Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program through internet media organized by Google.

Blog owners who work with Google Adsense can display display and text ads on their websites.

To work with Google Adsense blog owners need to build a decent blog according to the rules that have been determined by Adsense.

How Google Adsense works is to pay for every click and ad impression from visitors. The more visitors to the blog, the higher the Adsense ad revenue.

Here I show you when I was early struggling to build a blog and get income from Adsense.

make money blogging with google adsense
And the picture below is the income after struggling for approximately 1 year.

Adsense Earnings

Okay, until here about Adsense, because it will be very long if it is discussed until satisfied, hehe.

Oh yes, at this time I am also opening a special blog creation service for playing adsense. For details, just read here, Adsense Blog Creation Services .

Source of Blogger Income apart from Google Adsense ads

Briefly here I will also divulge from anywhere the current source of income for bloggers. Here are some of them:

  1. Promote other people’s products, earn a commission on every sale.
  2. Selling services online. Such as consulting services, blog creation services, backlink services and many other service ideas.
  3. Selling homemade products, blogs that already have visitors and Selling courses online.
  4. I’m sure the income of bloggers will be more and more sources, not only that.

How to Create a Money Making Blog for Beginner Bloggers

There are many things you need to think about when you want to create a money-making blog. Here’s how to create a money-making blog for beginners:

  1. Determine content topics that you are really good at.
  2. Create a blog with a professional look.
  3. Make articles consistently for at least 1 year.
  4. Improve writing skills so that it is easy for readers to understand.
  5. Learn SEO On Page and SEO Of Page to get faster traffic.
  6. Communicate and build a network of fellow bloggers.
  7. Stay productive until the goal is achieved.

The final word

It doesn’t feel like the discussion on how to create a blog on a cellphone and how to make money from a blog is quite long. Creating a blog from a cellphone is really easy, it can be done by anyone at any time.

Let’s start working through writing and publish it through blogs. Even though our writing is still readable and unreadable, at least it can help others a little.

Hopefully this article can help.

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