Easy Ways to Get Google Adsense PIN Letter in 2022

Google Adsense PIN Letter and How to Get It? Hello guys, it’s been a long time since I wrote a travel blog article on helloram.com. On this occasion I want to share my experience about Google Adsense letters and how do I get Adsense letters to my house.

The Adsense letter containing this PIN is very important for Adsense publishers, be it AdbMob publishers, Bloggers and YouTubers. To withdraw money into the account, they must get Adsense mail first. Actually there is another option with an ID card, but it will take more than 3 months.

Therefore, here I share my experience so that you know how to get Google Adsense letters quickly. How about you, can’t wait? hehe..

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Now, let’s discuss thoroughly about this Google Adsense letter.

What is Google Adsense Mail

Google Adsense letter is a paper letter that contains a 6-digit PIN. The letter will be sent to the Adsense publisher’s home address according to the information written on the payment profile.

The function of the Google Adsense PIN is to verify ownership of the Google Adsense account. By verifying your Adsense account, you can withdraw your earnings every month on the 22nd if your Adsense balance has reached the payment threshold, which is $100.

The maximum limit for verifying the Adsense PIN is 3 times, if you have done 3 times but still fail then Adsense will no longer serve ads on blogs or other Adsense ad serving platforms.

How to Get Google Adsense PIN

To get a letter from Adsense, you have to register as an Adsense publisher.

It can be from AdMob, making applications and uploading them to the Play Store, becoming a Blogger by creating a blog and writing articles that get high traffic or becoming a Youtuber by uploading videos on YouTube.

Do you already know when Google Adsense pins are sent?

Google Adsense will send a letter to the publisher after the balance on his Adsense account reaches the minimum verification value, which is $10. After the balance reaches $10, Adsense will automatically send a letter to your home address.

That’s just how to get it! It’s very easy, you just have to wait. But you will wait a long time if there is a delivery problem, whether it’s from the courier, destination address or other things.

How to Request a Google Adsense PIN

Before you ask for a replacement PIN, you should first change the name and shipping address to a more clear and easily recognizable one. Do not use a pseudonym that is not known by the surrounding environment, it is troublesome for the courier.

Here are the steps on how to resend your Google Adsense PIN:

  • First login to Google Adsense .
  • Go to the PIN verification page, then look for the “Show more” option.
  • Later there will be a “Resend PIN” command card, click on that option
  • Adsense will send a new PIN to your home address by post.

Why did the Google Adsense letter not arrive?

Okay here I want to share the cause of the letter from Adsense not reaching the house. of course according to my personal experience.

The first is the name and address of the destination which is not clear .

Couriers from the post will not send Adsense mail whose destination address is not clear. Writing the correct address so that the Google Adsense letter is sent and quickly arrives home, just match it as it is written on the ID card, then add the street address.

Second, the courier doesn’t want to send Adsense mail.

This happens in some areas, a lot of officers or couriers don’t want to send Google Adsense letters. I don’t know what the reason is, maybe because there is no delivery receipt number or maybe they think this letter is really not important. Damn.

In my experience, that’s the reason the Adsense PIN doesn’t reach the house. If the courier sends the wrong item or is received by the wrong person, it’s not a mistake that we can fix. So yeah that’s it.

How long does it take for the Google Adsense PIN to be sent to your home?

Previously, did you know where the Google Adsense PIN Letter was sent from? If the Adsense letter that I received was sent from Malaysia. The letter was sent via the Indonesian postal delivery service.

According to the official rules from Google that the google adsense pin will be sent after the account owner requests a pin from the Adsense account page, the estimated delivery is 2-4 weeks.

If the google adsense letter doesn’t arrive within 1 month then you can request a 2nd Google Adsense PIN, and if the 2nd pin doesn’t arrive within 1 month then request another 3rd pin. The maximum number of Adsense PIN requests is 3 times.

Take Google Adsense Mail at POS Office

The last thing I did to get an Adsense PIN was to take a letter to the nearest post office.

Before leaving, I find out what time the post office is open and closed until what time. Check the information on Google Maps. Then I went to the post office around 08.00 WIB.

After arriving at the post office, I immediately spoke to the clerk that I wanted to find and retrieve the Adsense mail if there was one. Without saying much, this officer seems to have understood.

Then I was taken by the clerk to the package and document warehouse, I saw a lot of piles of Adsense letters that had not been sent. There are papers that are still white (still new) and some are dirty and brown (it’s been a long time for sure).

Later the officer asked if he wanted to take the Adsense letter in whose name, I told him my name and ID to make sure I wasn’t lying.

If you don’t use an ID card, maybe you can also use 1 sheet of PIN verification page, on that page there is the same name and address information as the letter, so just print it out.

Finally, after waiting patiently and anxiously for a long time, I got the letter. Here is a photo of when I picked up the Adsense mail at the post office.

get google adsense letter at post office

I have requested an Adsense PIN 3 times but it didn’t arrive, what should I do?
Adsense provides 3 opportunities to request an Adsense PIN letter, if 3 opportunities don’t get it then Adsense will give a notification on your Adsense account dashboard.

The essence of the notification is that Adsense provides another option to verify the account, namely by verifying the Adsense account with an ID card (or other identity card).

Must pay attention! When you are going to verify adsense with an ID card, make sure the identity and data of the Adsense account must be the same. The ID card that will be used must also be valid, because Adsense will not accept an expired ID card.

For how to verify Adsense with an ID card, maybe I will make it in a different article, because if it is discussed here it will be too long. I hope there is a chance.

Sample Google Adsense Letter Image

For beginners who are requesting a Google Adsense PIN for the first time, they certainly don’t know what the Google Adsense letter image looks like? Here is an example of a Google Adsense letter that I snapped using a cellphone camera.

How to View Google Adsense Mail Number (PIN)

To see the pin code of the google adsense letter, it’s easy, you have to tear the paper on the top and bottom sides. The paper has already made a path to tear it so it will be easy to tear the paper.

If the letter has been torn, it can be opened like when you open a book. Now in it there is information on the Adsense pin number and a tutorial on how to verify your Adsense account.

The final word

That’s information about the google adsense pin letter that I can explain and a little story about my experience requesting to get a google adsense letter at the nearest post office.

Hopefully this article helps those of you who are just starting to become an adsense publisher from a blog or YouTube.

If there is something that is not understood or there are questions that you want to convey, please comment in the column provided below, thank you.

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