I developed this blog as a side hobby from another website that I am working on. Even though I don’t pay 100% attention, I will continue to make sure there is always new content published and updates to old content to keep it relevant to the needs of visitors.

Currently, Directions.COM is fully dependent on ad impressions to pay for domains, hosting, software, and other services that form the backbone of this blog.

Indeed, the income from advertising is not much and is not able to meet the above obligations on its own. Therefore, other websites that I manage also contribute so that the burden can be reduced.

I really appreciate your desire to provide financial assistance. However, at this time I have not opened a channel for donations in the form of money. Fortunately, my personal daily needs and this blog is still adequate, at least for now.

However, there is another way for those of you who want to contribute to making Hint.ID better:

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Because of the many comments and questions that come in, I can’t read and reply to all of them one by one. If you see a comment that you can answer, your contribution will be very useful for that person.

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