How to Fix Blogger’s New Comment Bug Not Appearing

How to Fix Blogger's New Comment Bug Not Appearing

Blogger New Comment Bug Fixed – Google has unofficially updated the blogger comment column on April 19, 2022. There has been no official notification of the update. The results of the blogger comment form update can be seen at the bottom of the input area. Where all comments are currently protected by reCaptcha even though … Read more

Easy Ways to Get Google Adsense PIN Letter in 2022

Google Adsense PIN Letter and How to Get It

Google Adsense PIN Letter and How to Get It? Hello guys, it’s been a long time since I wrote a travel blog article on On this occasion I want to share my experience about Google Adsense letters and how do I get Adsense letters to my house. The Adsense letter containing this PIN is … Read more

4 Cara Mengganti Template Blogger dan Back up Tampilan Baru

Cara Mengganti Template Blogger Tampilan Baru

Kebiasan cara mengganti template blogger sebenarnya sangat mudah dilakukan, namun pasti ada saja orang baru yang mulai belajar ngeblog menggunakan blogger dan belum mengerti sama sekali fungsi menu-menu yang ada di dashbord blogger dan serta menganti template blogger dengan tampilan terbaru. Sama seperti saya dulu awal belajar belum bisa ganti template blogspot sama sekali. Oleh … Read more