20+ Free Blogger Templates Premium XML

20+ Free Blogger Templates Premium XML, Hi blogger!, are you looking for a free blog template for blogspot on your new blog? Take it easy because on this occasion I will share several sites where you can download free blogger templates that you can download and use for free.

The 2022 free blogger templates have been widely distributed for free on the best free blog template sites. We as a blogger should be grateful to the owner of the site.

Setiap blogger pasti memiliki kriteria desain dan fitur sesuai dengan kebutuhan konten blognya. Saya sendiri lebih suka menggunakan template blog bertema sederhana, seperti template premium LinkMagz yang saat ini sedang digunakan.

Since the first time this blog was created, I have never changed the blog template , because this blog template is according to my wishes. Simple, cool appearance, fast loading speed, layout features on the dashboard are very neat and easy to disassemble.

But if you want a free blogspot template, you can choose some of the templates below.

Download Free Blogger Templates Premium XML

Okay so here I will recommend some cool free blogger templates, all of them can be used freely. Of course, these templates are distributed for free by the creators, so you can take it easy.

Here is a selection of free blog templates for bloggers:

1. Mediumish Blogger

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

The first free blogger template has a blog theme that follows the Mediumish version of the WordPress template. Many large websites use this one template, for example the Niagahoster blog.

Many bloggers want the blogspot version of the Mediumish theme, so for those of you who want it, please download it via the link above.

2. Mostheme

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

Simple and cool blogger template can choose Mostheme. This theme is designed mobile friendly, seo friendly with a clean look. It is suitable for those of you who use Adsense as their main income.

The interesting thing about this template is that in the latest article widget section, it attracts the eye so that it invites visitors to see the articles that have just been published.

3. viralism

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

For those of you who are planning to create a viral news content blog, use this free news blog template made by Themeindie. This theme is specially designed for viral web, as we know that viral content is currently very popular with Indonesian people.

Viralism is the only template that is most suitable for viral news content. Please download this theme via the link above.

4. XadowMagz

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

Unlike the template above, this template is perfect for the latest news articles with many categories. Please download this free news blog template

5. Omagazine

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

The next free blog template is still news and magazine themed. Omagazine is designed to be cooler, simpler but still looks luxurious. It is suitable for those of you who like the web with an elegant appearance.

6. Blanter Wisdom

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

For those of you who are looking for a simple, clean and comfortable blog template for readers, Blanter Wisdom is the choice. This template has been designed to be responsive and mobile friendly on all types of devices

7. Volta

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

The next free blog template is Volta from IDNTheme. This template is distributed for free by the creator, namely Arlina. There is a premium version if you want to remove the credits link in the Volta template.

8. Lunar

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

Unlike other free blog templates, the Lunar template is designed without a sidebar like a landing page template. On the main page, the main page is designed very cool, contains posts that are made into a grid.

Lunar has a colorful design, there are bubble backgrounds on the top and bottom. I don’t know what this feature does, but the first impression made me feel at home reading the articles on the blog.

9. TechMagz

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

TechMag is a free blogger template suitable for blogs containing the latest technology articles. The feature that makes me tempted to use it is the super cool navigation menu

TechMag blogger template with a clean look and super fast. The design is really exclusive and perfect, so the blog that you create will look more professional.

10. Newspeed

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

Finally, there is the Neswpedd blogger template. This templateify theme has many cool features, one of which is the info widget under the navigation menu.

The Newspedd template is suitable for web news, magazines, sports, games, finance, food blogs, and other niches. Newspeed has been designed to be responsive and mobile friendly on all devices.

Where to Download Free XML Blogger Templates

In addition to providing a link to a cool blog template provider site, here I will also briefly review what themes are on each of these sites.

Here is a list of the best free blog templates to download:

1. My Blogger Themes

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

The first free blog template download site is My Blogger Themes. This blog site was created in 2010 and is still being updated today.

When visiting mybloggerthemes.com, you don’t need to worry about seeing it, because there are free templates specifically for the blogger platform only.

All templates are made by professional web developers who already understand a good structure.

The themes provided are also very complete. Starting from news blog topics, fashion, animals, plants, vehicles, technology, gadgets, games, anime, music, movies and much more.

2. Templateism

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

Templateism is a blog that provides free and paid blogspot templates, the owner is Syed Faizan Ali.

There are two versions that you can choose from there, the free version and the paid version.

First free version theme. If you download the free version, there are credits in it and you don’t get support if there is a problem when you use templates from templateism.

And for the paid version (pay only once for life), this theme will not show credits, get updates, lifetime support and much more.

There are 4 main focus categories provided by this site, namely the category of technology, multimedia, magazine and gallery themes.

3. Soratetemplates

XML Premium Template Blogger Gratis

Then there is Soratetemplates, a web provider that provides free blogspot template downloads with a cool and simple look. Last I saw there were 345 xml blog templates published there.

While Templateism has two versions to choose from, Soratetemplates is different again in that it has 3 versions. There are free, premium and extended versions.

In the extended version, you can get full support including:

  • Remove footer credit
  • Blog setting service
  • No encrypted script
  • 12 Months premium support
  • Template customization support
  • Unlimited domains
  • Lifetime template updates

4. Bloggertheme9

bloggertheme9 tema blog gratis

Bloggertheme9 was chosen to be one of the sites I chose because it provides blog templates with a cool and more modern look, previously only providing blog templates that look old school.

Nikz Naveed is a professional web designer who creates and publishes custom blogger templates on the Bloggertheme9 site.

The main focus of Bloggertheme9 is to design blog templates that are attractive, efficient and easy to navigate

Bloggertheme9 designs professional grade blog themes for business, magazine, portfolio, E-Commerce. Of course, the created theme has been optimized to make it easier to compete in search engines.

5. Bthemez

bthemez template blogger 1

The fifth place is Bthemez. Although the templates on this site are still few, there are only 24 blog templates, but the ones provided are absolutely free.

The hallmark of the template created by Bthemez is an elegant appearance with a plain white background. It seems that the blog template on this site is more recommended for bloggers whose post content is personal.

You can get a collection of cool free premium blog templates on this site.

6. Themexpose

themexpose gratis template blog

Themexpose is a professional blogger template provider site with an elegant appearance. You can get a simple free blog template there.

Themexpose also provides a paid version of the blogger template.

What’s different from the free version is that clients get templates without footer credits, lifetime premium support, no encrypted scripts, template updates, unlimited use of templates for domains and much more.

Just like other blog theme providers. Templatesyard also provides free and paid versions, all blogger templates there are available for free.

Just check the site, guys.

7. Gooyaabitemplates

gooyaabitemplates free blogger template

The other most popular site that provides free blog templates with various interesting themes and designs is Gooyaabitemplates, this site may be number 1 from other blogspot template provider sites

There you can get various types of blog themes, including blogspot landing page templates for free too.

Navigation to find blog templates on Gooyaabitemplates is also very easy, because template links have been provided based on features, topics, template colors, number of template columns and also sidebars.

It’s been a long time hasn’t it? Yes, there are a lot of templates created, last I saw on the page there were 4,413 blogger templates. WOOOW!

Btemplate builds templates by focusing on responsive, fast loading and SEO friendly designs.

Many choices of blogspot templates if you visit there, please search until you are satisfied at Btemplates.

8. Idntheme

idntheme template blog gratis indonesia

From Indonesia, first I will introduce Idntheme. This site makes a lot of free blog templates with a very cool look.

However, not all templates on Idntheme are made for free. There are free, free and paid versions of the template and only paid versions.

Even though it’s free, the features and looks are no less cool than the paid version.

Yes, almost all of the template designs on this blog are cool, I’m sure the creators are updated with today’s web designs, it can be seen from the appearance of the web which is very pleasing to the eye.

The most important thing is that the template created by Idntheme is SEO friendly, responsive, and suitable for adsense.

And also easy to edit / modify, very suitable for beginners who want to learn to change the appearance of the blog. Please, guys, go directly to the TKP > idntheme.com.

9. Themeindie

themeindie blogger template indonesia

The second free blogger template from Indonesia as well as the last recommendation from the list of free blog template download sites, namely Themeindie.

I know the owner by the name of Bung Frangki. He is a blogger and blogger template maker specialist.

The resulting works are distributed free of charge and sold for its premium version. Everything is summarized and published on Themeindie.

The price of premium templates offered from Themeindie is also really affordable. But if you don’t have the money to buy it, just use the free version of the blog template.

In addition to selling templates, Themeindie also provides blogger template installation services in the right way. Not only accepting blog templates from Themeindie, but premium blogspot templates from outside.

The final word

That’s a collection of free blog templates and site info for free blogger template providers that I can inform you of. I also often look at blog templates there, because they are up to date , the blog templates are cool and definitely SEO friendly.

Oh yes, if you want to use a free premium blog template, you can download the Mas Sugeng template which has been distributed for free, please visit the following page for a free Mas Sugeng template .

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